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Pacific Insights prides itself on its ability to obtain precise advice ethically, discreetly and professionally on behalf of its clients.

An example of the lengths to which John Andrews, the company's managing director, will go to protect his sources occurred in 2002.

His determination to protect those who assist him was illustrated during a fraud-related court case involving an Asian man seemingly linked to a suspected plot by Afghani refugees to blow up Australia's only nuclear power plant in Sydney in the months before the 2000 Olympic Games in that city.

The exclusive story John wrote for the New Zealand Herald about the clandestine plans proved a sensation around the world, with many influential media outlets following up his report.

Under subpoena, John was forced months later to appear as a witness for the accused man. The defendant's lawyer grilled John in a vain effort to extract the names of those who gave him information vital to his headline-making revelations.

John steadfastly refused to identify his sources, a principle upheld by those presiding over the lower court case. The lawyer then appealed to the Auckland High Court in a bid to obtain judicial backing in his efforts to force John to reveal his sources.

The high court judge considering the case upheld John's right to refuse to divulge his sources for the story. To this day, his sources remain a closely guarded secret.