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Niueans made a big effort to make leaders and delegates welcome on their isolated island for the 39th Pacific Islands forum summit.

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark arrives on stage.

Pacific Island leaders at the forum opening ceremony.

In his capacity as Premier of Niue, Toke Talagi became chairman of the forum for a year.

Niuean school children put their hearts and souls into their welcome.

Opening formalities over, the leaders dispersed to mingle with the Niuean crowd of onlookers.

Leaders at the Pacific Islands forum summit posed for official photographs.

Solomons Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua and his Australian counterpart Kevin Rudd took time out from the summit to have a private chat on Niue's Alofi waterfront.

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had deep discussions with Niue Premier Toke Talagi, the forum chairman, during the leaders retreat lunch break on the clifftop deck of the Matavai Resort, Niue's only hotel.