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Richard Gates, former Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Polynesian Airlines, and former Chairman, Association of South Pacific Airlines, says:

Richard Gates

"John Andrews is one of those perceptive people with integrity who see a job as something to be finished by being well researched and accurately completed - not just done well enough to say he did what was asked of him. He is thorough, but not unimaginatively so. With John you get the whole story, not just a slant that any given third party has tried to filter through him."


Wilkie Rasmussen, Cook Islands Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Cook Islands high commissioner to New Zealand, says:

Wilkie Rasmussen

"John Andrews has built up a network of contacts in the Pacific region that any journalist, consultant or researcher will envy. It is a network that grew thorough the trust John has built with those he put questions to and wrote stories about. John is respected for his honesty, his inquisitiveness and his appreciation of the diversity of the people he came into contact with in the Pacific."


John Latta, editor of United States-wide magazine and Adjunct Professor of journalism, University of Alabama, says:

John Latta

"I've known John Andrews for 35 years and I have worked with him. He is not someone to leave a stone unturned, nor is he someone to varnish the truth. John is used to finding the reality of a situation and then delivering it in a straightforward way. He also has an instinctive ability to recognize wheat from chaff."


Stafford Guest, former editor of Niue Weekly News and long-time Pacific Islands affairs commentator, says:

Stafford Guest

"John Andrews has proven, consistently over a long career working some of the biggest stories in the region, that he knows how to find out what is going on and who are the leading players in the stories. It is an ability that takes years to develop to such a level."