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Research Services

Pacific Insights was established to provide a means for clients around the world can obtain information vital for legitimate enterprises or commercial ventures they may plan within the Pacific region.

The consultancy is available, on a commission basis, to undertake research on behalf of clients seeking details and opinion on issues and situations in which they have particular interests.

The managing director, John Andrews, has the experience, track record, knowledge and skills in knowing where to go and who to quiz in his efforts to obtain material for projects his consultancy's clients may envisage in countries around the Pacific.

During his years as an investigative journalist working in New Zealand and the Pacific region, John has met and come to know a wide range of influential people from many walks of life. They are people who trust and respect him for the independent, balanced and unbiased stance he maintains.

They include politicians, officials and assorted non-government agencies, people running businesses in the South Pacific, and well informed leading residents living in the island nations which dot the region.

John has an ability to obtain interesting and relevant material for inclusion in reports for his clients and to compile them in a no-nonsense, easily readable manner.

Through his company, Pacific Insights, he has identified another avenue for to his journalism news and investigative journalism skills.

His ability to delve and get answers makes him well qualified to seek information away from the media outlets he's served in his four decades as a working journalist in the region.